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This privacy policy ("Policy") outlines our approach to gathering, utilizing, disclosing, and transferring your information. It pertains to Dial4Trade Technologies Pvt Ltd and its affiliate(s) ("we," "us," or "our"), the entity responsible for operating the website ("Site"), the "vyapaarkhata App and website" accessible on platforms like website , Google Play Store and iOS, and other services encompassing recording credit/payment, communicating dues/balances via the Site and application, and interactions through mobile or internet-connected devices or any other means (collectively, the "VyapaarKhata Service"). This Policy is integral to the Terms of Use governing the vyapaarkhatap Services. For terms defined herein without explanation, the same meanings ascribed in the Terms of Use apply. We request Users (as defined below) to review this Policy alongside the Terms of Use.
The App/Site (i) offers an online digital ledger book/record book that enables Users to record ledger entries with their respective customers and (ii) facilitates Users in generating payment links to be sent to their customers, enabling them to make payments to settle their obligations towards the Users (collectively referred to as "Services"). It's important to note that the term "Services" also encompasses any potential future offerings we may introduce.
As we enhance, refine, and expand the vyapaarkhata Service, this Policy may undergo revisions. Therefore, we advise periodic review. By accessing the Site, App, or engaging with the vyapaarkhata Services in any manner, you give consent to the collection, storage, and usage of your provided personal information (including any subsequent changes) for the services we provide.
We honor the privacy of Users of the vyapaarkhata Services ("Users" or "you") and are dedicated to ensuring its reasonable protection in all aspects. The information about the User collected by us consists of: (a) information provided by Users, and (b) information automatically tracked when using a mobile device with vyapaarkhata Services enabled (collectively referred to as "Information"). By utilizing the vyapaarkhata Services, you acknowledge acceptance of this Policy. Should any term within this Policy be disagreeable to you, please refrain from using or availing the vyapaarkhata Services.

Information supplied by users

To access specific Services through the Vyapaarkhata, Users are required to provide certain personal information during the registration process. This information may include:

  • Name, age, gender, user's photo, image, phone number, user ID, payment details, address, contacts, and location.
  • User credit score, collected with user consent.
  • Text messages including email subject lines, sender, recipients, and email content.
  • App interactions, detailing how the user engages with the app. For instance, the frequency of page visits and interactions with different sections.
  • Information about app interactions, such as how often a user visits a page or taps on various sections.
  • Details of installed apps on the user's device.
  • Device or other identifiers linked to an individual device, browser, or app.
  • Crash and Diagnosis data, encompassing crash logs and app performance information for technical analysis.
  • User-generated content not covered in the mentioned categories, or any other section.
  • PAN card number, KYC-related data like videos or other verification documents, Aadhaar information including Aadhaar number or Virtual ID. This is for the purpose of e-KYC authentication with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
  • We gather information when you leave a comment on our Platforms, websites, or contact us via phone or email. We utilize tracking tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, browser cookies, and web beacons to collect data about your Platform usage.
    The collected information is used for various purposes:
  • Responding to your inquiries or queries.
  • Confirming orders, purchases, or specific requirements.
  • Enhancing our products and services, offering a tailored experience based on your preferences.
  • Analyzing Platform trends and customer interests to improve our offerings.
  • Securing our company, customers, and Services.
  • Conducting marketing activities, including sending information about special promotions, offers, new features, or products.
  • This encompasses both our own offers and products, and your information may be combined with data acquired from third parties for these purposes.

    The information provided by Users empowers us to offer Services, enhance the Vyapaarkhata Services, and deliver a user-friendly experience. In specific cases or for certain services or utilities, we might also require your contact address. Furthermore, upon downloading the App, Users are encouraged to grant access to their contact list stored on the mobile device where the App is installed. This access allows Users to share payment/credit updates with their customers, whether or not those customers are also Users. The User's contact list is uploaded to to enhance the User experience of the App and website.
    In pursuit of improving our Services, we may occasionally gather additional information from Users through the App or Site, beyond what has been mentioned above. Rest assured, we do not disclose this data to any third party, except as outlined in the terms of this Policy.
    We may access a user's collection of installed apps and treat this data as personal or sensitive information, in accordance with this Policy, secure transmission, and the prominent disclosure requirements for Users.
    All gathered Information is contingent on the specific service being utilized, and we may employ this Information to deliver the Services, safeguard and enhance the Vyapaarkhata Services, as well as develop new services.
    Additionally, we may utilize your email address and phone number, without further consent, for marketing, non-marketing, or administrative purposes. This includes notifying you of significant changes, handling customer service matters, providing updates about Vyapaarkhata Services, billing, and more.
    Any Information furnished by you shall not be regarded as personal information if it is publicly available or accessible, or if it is not categorized as personal information according to applicable law. Furthermore, reviews, comments, messages, and blogs posted/uploaded/conveyed/communicated by Users in public sections of the Site or application stores (like the App Store or Play Store) are considered published content and are not subject to this Policy as personal information.
    If you opt not to submit Information on the Vyapaarkhata App/Site, we might be unable to provide certain services to you on the App/Site. We will endeavor to inform you of this when appropriate. However, we cannot be held liable or responsible for the unavailability of particular services due to a lack of required Information from your end.
    Upon registering with the Vyapaarkhata Services, we may, at our discretion, occasionally reach out to you with updates about your Information.

    Information automatically tracked while using the App or Website

    1) Credit/Payment Records: We securely store all your credit/payment records in a cloud-based environment utilizing the services of third-party infrastructure service providers.
    2) Customer Information: We maintain the contact details of your customers and retain a log of all credit/payment related communications with them.
    3) Demographic and Related Information: In order to offer more tailored communications and promotions, we may utilize additional sources of demographic and related data. Among other tools, we utilize Google Analytics to track user behavior on the Site.
    4) Log File Information: Our servers automatically capture limited information about your device's internet connection, including your IP address, when you access our Site or use the App. We receive and log information from both the App and your browser, encompassing aspects such as IP address, your device or computer's name, operating system, and more. We also collect log information from your device, including your location, IP address, device name, serial number, unique identification number (e.g. UDID on iOS, Android ID or ADID on Android), device operating system, browser type and version, CPU speed, and connection speed.
    5) Cookies: To enhance the Site's responsiveness for users, we may employ "cookies" or similar electronic tools to gather information that assigns each visitor a unique, random User Identification (User ID). This helps us understand individual user interests on the identified device. By continuing to visit the App/Site, you are consenting to the utilization of cookies and similar technologies for the purposes outlined in this Policy. If you prefer not to receive cookies or web beacons, you can either cease using our Services or adjust your browsing and third-party cookie settings. Cookies and other technologies are used for website analysis, optimization, and marketing purposes. Additionally, our partners may assign their own cookies to your browser, a process we do not oversee.

    Link to third party sites/ad-servers

    The Website may contain links to other websites, including advertisers, blogs, content sponsorships, vendor services, and social networks, among others. These websites are subject to their own respective privacy policies, over which we have no control. Once you leave our servers (you can determine this by checking the URL in your browser's address bar), any information you provide is subject to the privacy policy of the website you are visiting. We do not guarantee or warrant how your information is stored or used on third-party servers. This policy may differ from ours. If you cannot locate the privacy policy of any of these websites through a link on their homepage, we recommend contacting the website directly for further information.

    Information sharing

    1) The collected Information, including personal information, may be shared with our affiliates and group companies to the extent necessary for internal business, administrative purposes, general corporate operations, and with third-party service providers, including marketing partners. By using the Vyapaarkhata Services, the User consents to this sharing.
    2) We will take reasonable measures to ensure that these third-party service providers are bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations, and that they comply with applicable data protection laws.
    3) Entities with whom we share Information may engage in marketing activities unless you explicitly choose to opt-out.
    4) The User explicitly consents to our access to their contact directory, location, and device information. Additionally, the User agrees to provide PAN and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) details for eligibility checks related to products/services, including credit and payment offerings. This consent is aimed at enhancing the User's experience and providing access to services offered by us, affiliates, or other third-party service providers, including lenders.
    5) Furthermore, the User consents to the sharing of Information (including sensitive personal information) when requested or required by law, court, governmental agency, or authority, for identity verification, prevention, detection, investigation (including cyber incidents), or prosecution of offenses. These disclosures are made in good faith and belief that they are necessary to enforce the Terms of Use or comply with applicable laws and regulations.
    6) Personal information, such as name, phone number, address, email address, user id, spending data, card details, and other information (date of birth, gender identity, veteran status), will not be shared with other Users or third parties unless explicitly approved by the concerned individual User.
    7) We share crash logs and diagnostic data with Playstore/appstore to enhance user experience.
    8) We may present aggregated statistical information related to credit records, User spends, payment info, credit score (with user consent), app interactions, in-app search history, and patterns to partners or within our App/Site. This information will not identify individual Users.
    9) By using the Vyapaarkhata Services and providing information to us, Users agree and consent to the disclosure, transfer, storage, and processing of their personal information (including sensitive personal information) by us in India or other countries, to affiliates, group companies, and third parties. Users should be aware that data protection laws in countries where their Information may be stored could differ from those in their own location.

    Accessing and updating personal information

    When Users utilize the Site (including any sub-sites) or the App, we strive to facilitate Users' access to their Information upon their request. Additionally, we are committed to rectifying any inaccuracies or deficiencies identified in personal information, sensitive personal data, or other Information, to the extent feasible. However, this process is subject to any legal requirement or legitimate business purpose necessitating the retention of such personal Information, sensitive personal data, or Information. To process such requests, we require individual Users to verify their identity and specify the Information they wish to access, correct, or remove. We may choose not to fulfill requests that are unreasonably repetitive or systematic, involve disproportionate technical effort, compromise others' privacy, or are excessively impractical (such as requests pertaining to Information stored on backup tapes), or those that do not require access for valid reasons.
    In cases where we do provide access and correction of Information, we offer this service without any charge, unless its execution would require a disproportionate level of effort. It's important to note that due to the nature of our service maintenance, even after you delete your Information, residual copies may persist on our active servers and backups for a certain period before being completely removed.

    Information storage and backup

    Periodically, we create backups of your data on the Vyapaarkhata website and store it in our cloud database. This precautionary measure serves the purpose of ensuring that Users can recover their data in case their phone's data becomes inaccessible, their phone is lost, or if they transition to a new device. These backups also facilitate the provision of valuable insights and information regarding User expenditures, such as weekly spending within a month and insights into spending patterns. Moreover, these backups allow us to offer information concerning User spending habits, patterns, and data, presented as aggregated and anonymized statistics. These statistics cover aspects like User spending by category, date, time, as well as bank balances.
    We maintain User Information in our records for a duration during which we can potentially provide the Vyapaarkhata Services to Users. After this period, when the relevance of Vyapaarkhata Services to a User diminishes, we securely delete all Information related to that particular User from our records.

    Information security

    We implement appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of data, including accidental or intentional manipulation and loss from unauthorized parties. These measures encompass internal evaluations of our data collection, storage, and processing practices, as well as security protocols such as encryption and physical safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to systems where personal data is stored. All information collected through the Vyapaarkhata website is securely stored within controlled databases, and access to servers is restricted and password-protected.
    We consistently review and update our security measures to align with technological advancements. While we take every reasonable step to ensure the security of your personal information, please note that no transmission of data over the internet or any other public network can guarantee 100% security.
    Our goal is to comply with applicable data protection laws to safeguard and uphold User privacy and personal information. To achieve this, we have implemented physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in line with the regulations of specific jurisdictions. By agreeing to this Policy, you acknowledge that the security practices we employ are reasonable and sufficient for the protection of your personal information.
    In the event of any breach in the security, confidentiality, or integrity of your unencrypted electronically stored Personal Information, we will promptly inform you via email or any other feasible means, within a reasonable timeframe and without undue delay, to the extent consistent with the lawful requirements of law enforcement. We will take all necessary steps to assess the extent of the breach and restore the reasonable integrity of the data system.

    Purpose of Data Processing

    We will exclusively gather and process your Personal Information when we possess a legal basis to do so. Our fundamental objective in gathering your information, including Personal Information, is to provide the personalized Vyapaarkhata experience along with its diverse features. It's important to note that if you choose not to grant us consent to collect your information, including Personal Information, we might be unable to fulfill the contractual agreement with you. When we mention "fulfill the contract," we are referring to the Terms of Use that apply to your utilization of the Vyapaarkhata Service. This implies that you might either be restricted from accessing specific features of the Vyapaarkhata Service, or we might not be able to offer you the complete Vyapaarkhata Service.

    Revocation of consent

    A User has the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal information at any time, which will take effect for future actions. However, it's important to understand that withdrawing consent does not impact our authority to continue collecting, using, and disclosing personal information in cases where such actions are allowed or mandated by applicable laws, even without consent.


    We may periodically modify our Policy to incorporate necessary adjustments due to changes in technology, relevant laws, or other factors. It's important to note that we retain the right to revise the terms of this Policy or the Terms of Use at any time. Any modifications will take effect immediately upon notice, which we might provide by publishing the updated policy on the Site. Your continued use of the Vyapaarkhata Services after such notice will be considered as your acceptance of the revised terms. We may also make reasonable attempts to inform you through electronic mail. However, we recommend that you periodically review this Policy on the Site to stay informed about the most current version.

    Questions/Grievance Redressal

    If you have any concerns or complaints regarding the processing of the information you have provided, you can reach out to our Grievance Officer at


    If you share any personal information with us that is not specifically requested during the registration process (whether mandatory or optional), we cannot be held responsible for any breaches of information security or disclosures related to such information. If you have any inquiries about this Policy or the safeguarding of your personal information, please get in touch with our data protection officer or grievance officer.

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